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The Czech Association of Contemporary Asian Studies (CACAS) connects Czechia-based scholars and experts interested in contemporary Asia. It is dedicated to advancing academic research and debates pertaining to the region, especially East, South, Southeast, and Central Asia. With the aim to understand contemporary political and social developments of, within, and across the region, the association and its members are primarily oriented toward social sciences, including Politics, International Relations, Sociology, Economy and other relevant disciplines.

CACAS is a free association of scholars and experts who typically meet a few times per year and present their academic research. CACAS welcomes new participants interested in engaging in this type of meetings. 

CACAS was founded in June 2022. Its foundation was preceded by a series of seminars that started in September 2021.


CACAS is currently (2022 onwards) co-chaired by Aleš Karmazin (Metropolitan University Prague) and Richard Turcsányi (Palacký University Olomouc).